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“Green & Smart” homes are our focus. They provide comfortable and healthy living environments for you and the people you care about while saving energy and money; not to mention they are beautiful!
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How can you get the best result with the least stress?


You are thinking about moving. You want to, you need to, or you just feel it’s time. 

You have done this before. So, you tell yourself, “I can do this.” But, many questions pop up and crowd your mind. How’s the market? How much can I get? My friend’s house didn’t sell for a long time. I don’t want to go through that. My neighbor’s house sold quickly though. What do I need to do first?

Green & Smart Real Estate | Plano, Texas

Renko Tani Tomlinson, Broker

Let’s pause, and take a deep breath. 

Sure, selling a house, buying a new one, and moving can be stressful and emotionally charged. But, millions of people go through this process. So, yes you can do it. Question is how can you get the best result with the least stress.

The key is to hire a knowledgeable and trustworthy adviser who can keep a cool head, so you can prepare, make well educated decisions, and take necessary steps with confidence throughout the process. 

So, who should you hire?


Can Renko be the one? Let’s find out. Here is Renko’s story in her own words – 

I was born and raised in Japan. Interested in land, resources, and human behavior, I studied economic geography and anthropology. After exploring the world, working for major corporations, and living in several major cities, I settled in Plano, Texas and launched my real estate career. 

Real estate is a location and people business. I use my background and observe keenly to understand the areas and what elements attract people. 

With tenacity, I have closed every deal I have handled in 18 years of practice. Was it easy? Hardly. But I know what it takes to “work it through”. I have raised three children into responsible young adults with little support. 


Renko Tani Tomlinson

Real Estate Broker | Plano TX



I am:

  • Conscientious. I can get the work done and well.
  • Curious. I keep learning. If I don’t have an answer, I will do my best to find out.
  • Courageous. I will say no if needed and negotiate hard when warranted.
  • A Critical Thinker. I can help you see rationals while valuing your gut feeling.
  • Authentic. When we talk, I think you can sense this.


In real estate, my goal is:

“to deliver the best result for you while providing smooth seller or buyer experiences” 


And, as a bonus:

In my journey to seek comfort, beauty, and efficiency in homes and offices, I gained knowledge of green building, solar energy, and smart technology. I share what I learned hoping that benefits you in making informed decisions.


If you are thinking of selling / buying a house or leasing an office – call, text or email us. If we don’t answer the phone, please leave a message. If you prefer, schedule a video call at “”.

You have a goal to achieve to start a new life with a new place. We will be there to help and guide you through the whole process. Thank you for considering us. We look forward to working with you.

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