COMMU is a Plano-based real estate agency that has been serving the greater Dallas area for 18 years.

“Green & Smart” homes are our focus. They provide comfortable and healthy living environments for you and the people you care about while saving energy and money; not to mention they are beautiful!

With a passion for building long-lasting relationships, combined with a resource-efficient mindset and tech-savvy approach, we offer a valuable solution to your real estate needs. Call us today!

Renko Tomlinson

Green Real Estate Broker


Renko is a green broker at Plano based COMMU, serving the Dallas real estate market. With tenacity, she has closed every deal she has handled in her 18 years of practice. She listens, understands your needs, and tries to provide you with the best results and smoothest experience.

Interested in land, resources, and human behavior, Renko studied economic geography and anthropology in college. After exploring the world and living in several major cities, she settled in Plano and launched her real estate career. Her background and keen observation help her get a deeper understanding of the areas and directions they are likely heading. 

In her journey to seek comfort, beauty, and efficiency in homes and offices, Renko gained knowledge of green building elements, which she happily shares hoping that benefits you in making informed decisions.

Renko believes in action-based solutions to climate issues. In her spare time, she co-launched the Solarize Plano Program (rooftop-solar PV group purchase), and managed programs for the NT Renewable Energy Group.