Four Big Redevelopments along 75

Four Big Redevelopment Projects along 75


Aren’t we ready for spring? Literally and figuratively? After a year with COVID-19 and the winter storm Uri last week, I certainly am. 


The signs of new life nudge us to do things and get us excited. Just knowing something is happening around us also gives us some hope. These are all welcoming. 


Luckily, we don’t need to look far. Many redevelopment projects along 75 are moving forward. Some of them are big and we’re expecting to see much progress this year. They are mixed use – combination of residential and commercial – places to live, work, eat, shop..etc. This means, even for us who already live nearby, we’ll have more places to hang out with friends and families within a short drive when our real social life is back. 


People gathered inside the old Collin Creek Mall when the redevelopment plan was announced back in 2018.

No doubt that people were cheering for and waiting for this redevelopment to happen.


Here are four major ones and their current plans. 


1. Collin Creek Mall

$1 billion project on 100 acres. First phase expected to open in 2022.

3100 residential units (multi-family, townhomes, independent living), restaurants, shops, offices and hotels. You can see the plan rendering in the link below.



2. Heritage Creekside

$900 million project on 156 acres. 60% already built and opened.

1587 residential units (1300 multi-family, 287 single family), restaurants, shops, and offices.

(Along Alma Dr,  there was a daycare that had a tipi in the yard. My children went there for a while when I had an office job. Modern-looking houses stand on that property now.)



3. Legacy Central

Multi-million $ project on 85 acres. Offices buildings are built and opened. Multi-family partially open or near completion.

Multi-family, restaurants, shops, and offices.

(This site used to be TI’s office complex. I believe it was Raytheon’s prior to that. The new office complex has Samsung and Peloton as main tenants.)



4. Plano Market Square Mall

Multi-million $ project on 26 acres. First phase expected to open in 2022.

325 multi-family, restaurants, shops, and offices.



In addition to these big projects, there are many smaller ones nearby and they turn around quicker. Our active lives are sure to come back and these places would help accommodate us.

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