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We take a clean, modern, green approach to provide you with...

 –  a smooth and transparent real estate experience

 –  comfortable, beautiful, and efficient living & working spaces

It’s no secret that a clean house sells faster for a better price. The first step? Decluttering. Sorting… (read more)

For years, the Dallas housing scene was dominated by traditional style. Good news for us modern… (read more)

Want to improve comfort and save money where you live and work? Will you take part in building a… (read more)

Sell          -          Clean

It’s no secret that a clean house sells faster for a better price. The first step? Decluttering. Sorting and tidying up also helps you get ready for a fresh start with an easier move and less unpacking at your new place. 

We can offer tips and guidance on how. Want professional help? We’ll refer you to local organizing experts you can choose from.

Buy          -          Modern

For years, the Dallas housing scene was dominated by traditional style. The good news for us modern design lovers is that more modern style homes are being built, and some traditional style homes have even begun incorporating modern design elements. 

We can help you find your dream home in your preferred style, or the one you’ll transform into the perfect fit with customization.

Improve          -          Green

Want to maximize comfort and save money where you live and work? Will you take part in building a better COMMU-nity and future?

We can offer low-cost DIY suggestions or refer you to local energy contractors who share our values: first, conservation and energy-efficient upgrades, then, renewable energy.

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COMMU is a Plano based real estate agency that has been serving the greater Dallas area for 18 years. We are here to help you sell or buy your house, and lease offices

Renko Tomlinson is a green broker at Plano based COMMU, serving the Dallas real estate market. With tenacity, she has closed every deal she has handled in her 18 years of practice. (read more)


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